About VF:

Influenced by International cultures, Vintage Faerie jewelry uses fine materials to handcraft a meaningful, soulful, and enchanting collection of jewels. We create our pieces to bring joy, luck and happiness to the wearer. Many of our pieces are designed to become part of the owner, to wear daily and rarely take off, to encourage personal hopes, dreams; inspire and encourage.

We enjoy handcrafting goods intended to speak to your soul. We do not cast our jewelry, but make our goods by our own hands, using age-old traditional methods.

About the Artists:

To sum us up... and what is most likely reflected in our work: We are moved by magic, the sea, the sun and the moon.

And maybe a glass of wine. Or Bourbon. One of us love scotch.
We have young children whom we occasionally spam our Instagram feed with. Creative, brilliant tow-headed souls, eager to take on the world. The youngest is the enforcer and he means it. So be forewarned.

And with children, nothing is set in stone. Ever changing, unpredictable. Thereby we live by the seat our pants most days. And not in the cool ready to take on the world way we did at 18. More like the what the hell was I thinking, is it bedtime yet, way.

We strive daily to balance work and life, life and play.
Sometimes we succeed… most times we drive ourselves insane. Lots of late nights over here... crafting and oh so loving what we do.

We are grateful. Very grateful.

We hope you see our handicraft and sentiment in every one of our pieces. Know that you are supporting age-old traditions in jewelry craft, and families.
A +J